What is Socialhero?

In essence, we are an instrument that promotes sales, while encouraging participating business’ customers, into altruism and their involvement in the development of their own communities. What kinds of promotions can I offer with Socialhero? Merchants, or third party brands marketed by them, create any of the followings two types of ‘social promotions’, in the sale of their products and/or services, to the end user. Or even in sales to other businesses (B2B).

Share Promotion. Is a promotion in which brands (merchants and industries), give their customers and potential customers (Socialhero affiliates), the opportunity, through the simple act of purchasing their products and/or services, to decide for themselves towards which nonprofit project, the brand will donate.

Redeem promotion. Where the brand rewards their customers and potential customers (Socialhero affiliates), their altruism and community involvement, with discount on their products and/or services.

What is Branch ID and how can I get it?

Branch ID is your store's identifying number in Socialhero, this let's Socialhero know who's store has been connected with the App. You can get your Branch ID by emailing our support [email protected] and providing your Socialhero account's username and asking for it. Remember you need to have an account and you can create one for free at https://www.socialhero.com.mx/afiliate-principal.

How to Install?